What is this all about?

Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Friday, 6 September 2013

We now have a home

It seems like ages since we moved into the Farmhouse, and a lot has changed - although there is still a lot to do/buy (when we can afford it!).

Here are a few pictures taken today showing how wonderful and comfortable it all is.

I wanted a waterfall tap in the guest shower room, but was
originally told that it would spray water everywhere, so we put a smaller tap in. 
This proved to be too tiny and I was allowed to buy a waterfall tap.
Here it is - and working well !

The black shower in the guest shower room.

My craft room - looks like I have been here forever!

Upstairs laundry room

Dressing room/2nd guest bedroom

The big old wardrobe - still needs to be polished on the outside

Dining room

Another dining room view

Living room

Hall floor

Floor around the stairs

Smaller wardrobe in the main guest bedroom