What is this all about?

Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Weekend Update

After the stress of last week, it was lovely to go into the house on Friday night and see all the tidying/clearing up that the builders had done.  It definitely made us feel more positive again.

We have a meeting with the kitchen supplier on Tuesday, so will hopefully get all the problems sorted then.

Not a huge number of photos today.  Hopefully next week the painter will finish the bedrooms, so we can arrange to have the carpets fitted, and then I can start bringing boxes over.

All of the showers are working, so we are able to use the downstairs shower room after our hot tub visits - lots of hot water and so much better than the one in our current rented house.

The front of the house - cleared up.

The ovens and warming drawer are looking good.

The sink and cupboards in the laundry room.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Kitchen Installation and more tiling

For the first time throughout the whole process, we actually had a properly stressful day yesterday.  There are some issues with the kitchen and it is not looking like the design pictures.  Hopefully it will get sorted next week.  A small problem in a world with so many bigger problems, but a big expense for us and the first kitchen we have ever designed from scratch.  Also, the worktops may not be ready for at least 3 weeks - another disappointment in a day that could have been Friday the 13th!

We had the guys coming to template for the stone worktops yesterday.  Very efficient and pleasant, and we were all interested to see how they do it, as none of us had experience of this process before.

Most of the tiling is now completed - just the 2 porches to be finished today.  The quarry tiles in the hall are looking brilliant.  Definitely worth the trips to reclamation yards.

Mark the Builder concentrating on the templating!

The worktop with the hob section

Rich surveys the templating
(you can see where the sink will be in the island -
and they are writing down the measurements for the
upstands around the room)

The back porch floor - not finished

The door from the dining room through to
the kitchen - Roger the Carpenter at work
The finished hall floor

One of the problems in the kitchen -
the angled base unit doors are leaving an ugly gap,
ruining the smooth lines that should come with this design

Monday, 24 June 2013

Wooden floor, towel rails and lots of painting

The men worked throughout the weekend, still trying to keep to their deadline of finishing most of the work by the end of this week.

The kitchen is now the area that needs the most work - made more difficult by so many deliveries arriving, but we are still waiting for one replacement unit (I can only imagine the builder's response when he finds out today!).

A search for additional black quarry tiles to finish off the hall floor brought a trip to a reclamation yard in Carmarthen, as well as me searching on the internet throughout Europe!  Some have been found, so that can be finished now.

The heating is working - and it won't be long before all the plumbing is completed.

Just the handles for the vanity unit to be added
in the main bathroom.

Pantry doors - the light goes on inside when you open them!
(Little things like that keep me happy!)

The kitchen - and office/store room
(even more arrived yesterday).

The living room floor - the same is going
down in the dining room.

The laundry room - first coat of paint
on the airing cupboard doors.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Quarry Tiles, Kitchen Units and More ....

A lot of progress has been made as the race to finish the project continues, and several of the men are working today as well (will be the last main day for the electrician - but he will be back to finish off a few bits).

The old quarry tiles (found in the dining room)
go down in the hall.

A close up - shows how unusually thick they are.

Modern art - or some of the plumbing! 

The underfloor heating controls.

More random plumbing.

The kitchen layout can be seen more clearly, as
the island got positioned yesterday.

Some of my lovely Neff appliances.

I got very excited when I saw the airing cupboard door!

In action ...

The guest shower room - nearly finished.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lots and Lots of Photos - the kitchen is here!

Well, apologies first for not keeping you updated for a while.  I have been taking photos, but the actual typing of a blog post seems to have been too much for me.

I will not waffle on for too long - as there are lots of photos to upload, taken over several days.  The kitchen arrived yesterday and the carpenters are working late every night to get it installed (they were here until 8.15 pm yesterday).  Doors are hung and door handles put on.  The majority of the tiling and painting is finished.  The tiler starts on the complicated hall floor today - old quarry tiles in a chequer pattern.  It won't be long before the upstairs is ready for the carpet - and then we can start moving boxes over from our rented house across the road (I have been packing for a while).

The hot tub is brilliant.  Very relaxing for me and definitely eases my stiffness/pain.  It is more awkward having to walk across the road to use it - and then having to come back here to have a shower.  Once we have moved in, I will be using it most days.

The tree at the front of the house has been chopped down,
letting in a lot more light.

The view from the kitchen patio doors -
a bit of landscaping!

The old - and very thick - quarry tiles
(taken up from the dining room floor).

The painter likes to be tidy!

The bath installed.

The fancy LED mirror in the main bathroom.

The back door - with new external light.

Double doors to the dining room.

The kitchen - roughly laid out where it will be going.
Controlled chaos!

A close-up of the back kitchen wall - with hob
and drawers underneath - and the tall oven units.

Friday, 7 June 2013

My usual update

Whilst the excitement of the hot tub was happening, there were other men in the farmhouse getting on with their work!  More painting finished, tiling finished, doors hung and deliveries of bathroom fittings arrived.

The kitchen floor tiles finished. 
Tiling in the downstairs shower room.

Close up of the metallic sparkly tile strips in the
downstairs shower room. 

The view out of the hot tub room.

Looking down from the hot tub room
towards the downstairs shower room. 
The first door hung - my craft room, of course!

Doors hung in the main bathroom.


It is here!!

Lots of photos to show the process of getting it into the room (a lot of men and muscles!), wired upto the electric, filled and running.

It was lucky that Trigger the Electrician was onsite, as he had to spend a lot of time (much of this lying on the floor!) wiring it in - and this included a phone call to the Jacuzzi Technical 'Man in the UK'.

It took about an hour for it to be filled (we only had one hose) - but that worked out perfectly, as we were then ready to do the first water testing/adding chlorine/PH adjuster and some explanations of the very fancy control panel (and we get a floating remote control!).  It has been left for the rest of the day heating up - and when I checked it at around 8 pm it was nearly upto the temperature I like (hot!).

The colours we chose look fab with the floor tiles and paint colour.

Thank you so much to Malcolm from Powerpools, Carmarthen (who are also John Deere garden machinery dealers) - and Paul, who dealt with our order whilst Malcolm was on holiday.

As so many Jacuzzi owners will say, this will really make a difference to our lives - and I am looking forward to making it part of my daily routine.

..... and lift.
... and push.

Almost there.

Front panels off, so wiring could be connected. 

Being filled.

My favourite feature - the waterfall with changing lights.

Up and running.

Nice and tidy with its cover on.

The view outside.