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Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday Update

Lots of photos this week.  We are very close to finally getting the kitchen ordered.  The remaining bathroom fittings should be ordered next week as well, and the areas measured for carpets.  The first tile delivery has arrived, so I think that the tiler and decorator will be on site very soon. 

I have started to pack (I have to pace myself because of my health) - one large box filled in my craft room so far.

The shower tray and glass screen for the main bathroom.
The new front door is behind.

The new front porch door, with the sunny stairs behind.

The passageway next to the guest shower room, looking
though to the first landing area.

The guest bedroom - drying off after the plasterers had done their work.

My craft room/builders' tea room.

View from the kitchen patio doors.

The first tile delivery.

A close up of the mosaic tiles for the feature strips
in the main bathroom.

Lots of work has been done outside the boiler room door.

A view down toward the kitchen patio doors.
The hot tub room is on the right.

More holes in the garden.

The new concrete pad for the oil tank.

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  1. WOW! Bet you can see yourself actually living there soon.


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