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Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pipes and more pipes

Yesterday, they started to put in the pipes for the underfloor heating downstairs.  In fact, they put most of the pipes down.  I was so surprised to see how quickly this is done.  The floor is going down on top of the pipes today - so much progress!

We put the final order in for all the tiles yesterday and bought the 'special' basin I wanted for the guest shower room.  More will be revealed when it is installed !!


Living room, with pipes disappearing through
to the boiler room

Dining room

Front of the house - dark picture, sorry, it was getting
late in the evening

Side of the house, with very neat wheelbarrows.
The window is for the boiler room, which used to be only
accessible externally, but is now joined into the
main house

Lines drawn to show where drainage pipes will be going

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  1. Hope the weather isn't hindering things. Can imagine indoos jobs are ok.


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