What is this all about?

Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Update

Progress has been made, both internally and externally.  Me and Rich have been to see hot tubs, chosen what colour we will be having, but still have to decide which model to go for.

Starting to clear the end kitchen wall.
The hot tub room

The upstairs shower room

Dining room fireplace

Guest bedroom

View from the main bedroom

More work done on the external kitchen wall

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A cold Sunday update

No snow at all here, but definitely cold with a biting east wind.

The farmhouse is feeling a lot warmer - with patio doors in place, as well as insulation in walls/ceilings.

Firstly - does anyone else have a tidier builder?!

These are a selection of internal photos - showing a clearer picture of what the rooms will look like when finished.

Kitchen without the carpentry workshop in it!

The kitchen looking the other way.  Left door leads to Rich's office,
middle door to the dining room, door on right is the pantry.

Kitchen - with internal porch on the left

Hot tub room.  So much lighter now that patio door is in,
and archway open from corridor next to shower room.

Looking the other way - towards the hall.
Downstairs shower room, within hot tub area.
My craft room - or the carpentry workshop!

Upstairs shower room - with lots of wires going through the ceiling

The upstairs laundry room - insulation in the ceiling.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

More patio doors .....

The doors in the kitchen went in yesterday -

We also went to look at bathrooms/tiles - and it is truly amazing what is available ....

Rich liked the one above, but I am not sure?!

This is what I would like in the main bathroom

Even at the reduced price, this is not coming anywhere
near the farmhouse!
A few people have asked about our planned moving-in date.  Well, the builder did say that it would be a 6 month job.  We did not believe him (after watching far too many property programmes on the tv!), but it certainly looks like he may be right.  I would hope to be in by the end of July.

Patio Doors ....

The patio doors for the hot tub room were put in yesterday - and they are fitting the glass now.

We had to decide where radiators were being fitted upstairs, how the ceilings in the older rooms above the kitchen would be finished (leaving some of the old beams exposed), how the airing cupboard in the laundry room would be configured to leave space for the tumble drier and the position of the door through to the hot tub room from the hall.  So many decisions!

Lots going on in the house - with lots of different trades working alongside each other.  The living room window was open, as it is sunny and dry here - thought this was a nice picture -

Saturday, 16 March 2013

My usual weekend update

More photos of the outside (the ones in the previous post were taken on Thursday) and also internal, where lots has been finished/started.  We have 3 weeks to choose the tiling for the main bathroom.  Unbelievable that so much has been done in such a short time.

Picture taken from the main bedroom, through the 'Jack & Jill' bathroom
and into the dressing room beyond

.... and taken from the other direction

We now have a wall at the top of the stairs again!

Looking through to the 'North Wing' - the guest bedroom,
shower room and my craft room - above the kitchen

You can see the space for the double doors into the dining room

The dining room (or tea room for builders)

Some external pictures

They have knocked through to the 'boiler room' from the 'hot tub room', both of which were external sheds attached to the house.


Looking through from the hot tub room into the new boiler room

Outside the new boiler room

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Sunday Update

I think the photos say it all, so no waffling from me today!

The dining room, looking through to the kitchen.

The downstairs shower room (with guest cement mixer!)

Upstairs above the kitchen.  Guest bedroom on the left, my
craft room straight ahead, and shower room just visible
on the right.

The ensuite to the main bedroom.

My craft room (lots of sockets for all my tech!)

Another view of the main ensuite bathroom -
looking through to the main bedroom.

The upstairs shower room (compact!).

Looking down the stairs to the hall.

The kitchen/carpentry workshop!

My pantry.

The internal porch to the back door.

Another view of the upstairs shower room, from the guest
bedroom - looking out onto the first landing.

The first landing (doorway to upstairs
laundry room ahead).

Thursday, 7 March 2013

It is starting to look like a house again

So much progress, both inside and out.

Boarding starting to go up, with insulation in the ceilings.  The electrician has wires and electrical points all over the place.  There are drainage pipes for the upstairs bathrooms going in.  Work done on the external walls.  The patio doors for the kitchen have arrived.

We have been looking more at kitchens, bathrooms and flooring (wood and tiles).  We also have to choose handles for the internal doors.

The possible move-in date of June or July does seem realistic now - but perhaps I shouldn't say that!

The kitchen with boarding on walls/ceiling, and patio doors waiting to be installed.  It is still the carpenter's workshop for now!

Ali x

Friday, 1 March 2013

Time is flying by

It is amazing that it is 1st March today, and that so much has been done in the farmhouse since January.

The electrician has already put a lot of wires and lights in, the plumbers have started putting pipes in and a lot of plastering has been done.  We had trenches dug for water and electric outside.  The outer doorway for the hot tub room has been knocked through, and now being rebuilt to put the patio doors in.

Here are some photos from Wednesday and Thursday.

An 'electricity' man doing some work!

The huge piece of timber that has gone in above
the fireplace in the dining room

Another trench

The walls for the rooms above the
kitchen marked out

A filled in trench (old outside loo at the end!)

More filling in of trenches

Looking through the hot tub room from outside -
the room beyond will have the downstairs
shower room in it

Stone and scaffolding

This is where the patio doors for the
hot tub room will be