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Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another Week Has Gone By

I keep forgetting to add that the oldest part of the farmhouse is 17th century, and the 'newest' is Georgian.

I will eventually add full details of the original layout - and what it will be when finished.

Not enough hours in the day!!

Ali x


Me and Rich went into the farmhouse this morning, as the stairs had been propped up and made 'safe' (although I was very wary of stepping on them, as they moved!), and this was a good chance to get upstairs and plan a bit more of what will be done in the coming weeks.

So much has been completed or started in the past week.  Lots of floors are out, new walls put up and orders placed for the patio doors.

The fireplace discovered in the 'old pantry' - will be
Rich's office

The kitchen.  Wall where new patio doors to
garden will be can just be seen on the left.

Looking through what will be my pantry upto
the first floor

The stairs - propped up from below

Looking through from the first landing over what
used to be Rich's bedroom into the rooms beyond.  This will
be a shower room, leading through to my craft room and
a spare bedroom

The bathroom - stripped out to reveal the original
walls.  This will be the laundry room with
airing cupboard

The middle room at the front of the house, which will become
our ensuite bathroom


  1. A lot is right, Ali! LOVE the photos in the previous post. Rich's office is going to be amazing. It must be fun uncovering all these old features, and deciding what to do with them. How old is this building?

  2. This is so interesting, Ali. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  3. This should be a Grand Design TV Renovation project... it's amazing and I keep expecting to see Kevin McCloud in one of your pics. Glad to read you've got a designated craft room in the plans too.
    Jo x

  4. WOW! You are steaming ahead.

    Loving the sound of a spare room.....:)


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