What is this all about?

Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Saturday Update

The builders had a good tidy up of the site yesterday afternoon, and the provisional layout of the kitchen and main bathroom had been marked out on the floors, so we went in to examine the work completed so far.

The house is really being transformed - and so quickly.  There is a huge amount being done in the next few weeks, and I will endeavour to keep everyone updated with photos.

The most important room in the house -
my craft room!

And the 3rd most important room in the house -
Rich's office!

The spare bedroom
(this used to be part of the large room
above the kitchen; staircase came up in the left
corner - which has been removed, along
with the large chimney)

The upstairs shower room/passageway
through to my craft room and the
spare bedroom

The main bathroom and
dressing room beyond
(walls will be put back in!)

Looking down the stairs

The view from what will
be our bedroom

The kitchen/carpentry workshop
(you can just see the outline
of the island on the floor)
The kitchen 'patio doors'

The dining room, viewed from the hall
(there will be double doors here)
The 2nd most important room in the house.
The hot tub room (with shower room
to be installed in the foreground on the right) -
the hot tub will be up the steps in the dark area
(patio doors to be installed - and lights!).

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lots of progress

So much is happening in the farmhouse now.  Floors that have been removed, are being replaced.  Walls taken down, and then new walls going up. 

The electrician arrived and has started putting cables in.

We are busy sorting out the kitchen design, and starting to plan out the bathrooms.

Some changes were made to the layout - with a wall that was meant to go between the hot tub room and the adjoining room not being put in, when we realised it would be a much nicer space as one.  The two front bedrooms have been swapped round - the other room has better views from the window, so that is now our bedroom (the other will be our dressing room) - and the bathroom in the middle is now 'Jack and Jill', so we don't have to walk out onto the landing to get from there into the dressing room.

My craft room has been made bigger - incorporating a space that was previously just part of the corridor.

It is a very busy building site - with at least 4 men on site at all times, often a lot more when the plasterers/carpenter/electricians are there.

The plumbers will be here next week - starting to install the underfloor heating and the rest of the plumbing.

Fantastic to see so much progress.  We can almost imagine living there now!

This will be the upstairs shower room

My craft room!

The laundry room

Sorry for the blur - it was so cold this
morning, my hands must have been shaking!
The walls going back into the hallway.

Stone piled up after being removed
from the house.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Saturday update (updated with a photo)

Sorry, no photos today, as a man has been into the house to spray the woodwork (to prevent pests. rot etc in the future) and we are not allowed in until tomorrow.  Then, we have to finish clearing it out - plus the 2 outside rooms.  We also have to draw on a plan where we want the electric sockets/light switches/tv points etc - and what type.  Homework from the builder!!

Kitchen and bathroom designs.  We have another company coming to prepare designs/quotes next week.  Not particularly impressed with the first company (slow coming back to us and ignored our particular requirements for the kitchen) and always useful to have another quote.

Lots has been done this week - with the opening for the patio doors in the kitchen finished, most of the internal walls upstairs stripped out and the plasterers have been there every day doing what plasterers do!

Will take photos tomorrow.

Didn't get inside the house today (too busy
on the farm), but this shows the new 'patio
doors' to the kitchen from the outside.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hole in a wall

The hole for the patio doors in the kitchen has been roughly knocked out.  The room will be so much lighter, and will link over to the patio doors into the hot tub room.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another Week Has Gone By

I keep forgetting to add that the oldest part of the farmhouse is 17th century, and the 'newest' is Georgian.

I will eventually add full details of the original layout - and what it will be when finished.

Not enough hours in the day!!

Ali x


Me and Rich went into the farmhouse this morning, as the stairs had been propped up and made 'safe' (although I was very wary of stepping on them, as they moved!), and this was a good chance to get upstairs and plan a bit more of what will be done in the coming weeks.

So much has been completed or started in the past week.  Lots of floors are out, new walls put up and orders placed for the patio doors.

The fireplace discovered in the 'old pantry' - will be
Rich's office

The kitchen.  Wall where new patio doors to
garden will be can just be seen on the left.

Looking through what will be my pantry upto
the first floor

The stairs - propped up from below

Looking through from the first landing over what
used to be Rich's bedroom into the rooms beyond.  This will
be a shower room, leading through to my craft room and
a spare bedroom

The bathroom - stripped out to reveal the original
walls.  This will be the laundry room with
airing cupboard

The middle room at the front of the house, which will become
our ensuite bathroom

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lots going on

Well, today in the farmhouse was a day of great change.  The new walls in the kitchen/pantry/porch/office areas were put up.  A lot of the floor above the kitchen came down, and they are starting to knock through to the 'hot tub room' (currently only accessible from outside).

We had to make vital decisions like - which way do you want the patio doors in the kitchen to open, and which door first (never even thought of that one!)?

We also discussed the extent of work needed upstairs - a complete gut in most rooms, as we suspected.

These are some of the photos I took.

Fireplace in the dining room - this had been covered up for many years

'L' marks the spot!  Mark had been busy with his spray can
marking out where the walls would be going.  This will be Rich's office

The living room - looking from the dining room across the hallway.
Obviously there will be 2 walls inbetween again soon!

Looking up to the fireplace in what will be our bedroom

Rich and Mark study the fireplace!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Quick Update

Just in case you thought we had given up on the farmhouse and run off to Spain, here is a quick early Monday morning update.

A lot of the harder and more messy work went on last week.  Most of the floors downstairs were dug up - and stone/concrete laid down.

This week we have more of the creative and interesting decisions to be made.  A man from a local company (Ratford Bridge) is coming tomorrow to plan the kitchen out for us.  We are having a large island, where the sink will be located and hopefully the hob.  The exact location of this needs to be sorted, so the builder knows where to put the water connection and electrical points.

We are also sorting out the location of the doors for the dining and living rooms, plus all the electrical points downstairs.

We cannot get upstairs at the moment, due to movement in the stairs!

I promise to take more photos inside this week!

Here are a couple of the outside.

The front 'parking' area has been scraped off, but then we
brought the tractor/trailer through and spread lots more
mud around!  The freezers are hopefully going this week.

The side of the house with the currently external rooms.
One will be housing the boiler and all heating controls and will be
linked through to the other, which is where our hot tub
will be.  This will be in turn linked through to the
main house.