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Lower Tancredston Farmhouse is the main 'residence' for the Wade family in Tancredston, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. It has been empty for over 2 years and finally a builder has been selected (Mark Roberts) for the entire renovation project. This blog is the story (with photos) of the renovation.

Monday, 14 January 2013

A few messy internal photos

Update - the chimney is down, most of the outhouse roof redone, more work found when pantry ceiling removed.  Was too dark to take photos this evening, but will get round there first thing in the morning.

We were in the house yesterday sorting out years of clutter, and I took a few photos to show the raw state of the rooms.

Dining Room


The builders have been on site since 8 am, and already a lot of the chimney has been removed and the outbuilding roof.  Photos of this later.

ps  Rayburn has now been removed from the kitchen and needs a new home ASAP.  Any sensible offer considered.


  1. What an awesome old "stove" Wow! And the floors throughout are really "different". I am so jazzed to watch the renovations, and so excited for YOU that they are being done. What an undertaking!

  2. Surprised you aren't keeping the Rayburn.

    Glad things are progressing.

  3. How exciting to watch the progress. Good luck and I hope it goes smoothly for you all.
    Jo x
    can't find a thingy to become a follower?!?

  4. Wow what fun to be over seeing the renos of the farmhouse, exciting times ahead for sure. Good to see things are moving along.

    Happy WOYWW

    As Arnie said "I'll be back" LOL

  5. Love to watch renovations. Will have to follow this site and your site where you post your WOYWW.

    Lori #84 (From WOYWW)


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